front fork

Front fork Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Springer and glide Fork assemblies and parts. 41mm Billet Style assemblies. Installation Kits.  Lowering Kits.  Neck Cups. bearings and hardware. Lower legs.  Triple Trees.Tools. Knucklehead EL FL 1936-1947 | Panhead EL FL FLH 1948-1965 | Shovelhead FL FLH 1966-1984

  • fork tubes

    fork tubes (124)

    Front fork tubes Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Dampers, Plugs, Springsets and kits. 33.4mm, 35mm, 41mm Tubes. spring retainer and wrench.
  • forks-springer style

    forks-springer style (77)

    Springer front forks Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Springer front fork Assemblies. Assembly Hardware. Rocker Hardware. Rockers. Shocks. Triple Tree Hardware. Triple Trees.
  • forks-stock style

    forks-stock style (30)

    Front fork assemblies stock Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Stock style glide front fork assemblies. 35mm  41mm.  49mm. Disc and drum brake. with and without wheel.
  • installation kits

    installation kits (2)

    Front fork installation kits Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. front fork instalation kits for glide front ends. include top nut and axle.
  • lowering kit

    lowering kit (2)

    Front fork lowering kit Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Front fork lowering kits for glide front ends. 35 and 41mm kits. FX 1980-1986 FXST 1984-2005. FXR 1984-1987.
  • neck cup

    neck cup (68)

    Front fork neck cup Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Front fork neck cup Hardware. Kits with bearings and dust covers. Neck Cups.
  • oil and chemical

    oil and chemical (2)

    Front fork oil and chemical Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. fork oil for glide front ends and shocks. PJ1 brand.
  • sliders

    sliders (111)

    Front fork sliders Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Boots. Braces. Covers, Lower Legs. fork Seals.  35  41  49mm Assemblies.
  • tools

    tools (26)

    Front fork tools Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Front fork tools for rebuiling, assembling and repaing glide front forks. Jims tools.
  • triple tree

    triple tree (152)

    Glide fork triple tree Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Glide fork triple tree. Covers, Hardware, Sets, Steering Stabilizers, Triple Trees.
  • forks-41mm billet style

    forks-41mm billet style (3)

    41mm billet front forks Panhead Shovelhead 48-84. Billet front fork assemblies. chrome sliders with springs and internals installed.