rear wheel belt drive

Rear wheel belt drive shovelhead FL FX 79-84. Belts, Rear Pulley Hardware, Rear Sprocket Hardware, Rear Wheel Pulleys, Spacers, Transmission Pulleys.

  • belts

    belts (2)

    Rear wheel drive belts Shovelhead FL FX FXB 80-84. Carlisle Panther, BDL . 1-1/2 inch belts. 126 tooth. OEM No: 40003-79. custom appications.
  • rear pulley hardware

    rear pulley hardware (8)

    Rear pulley hardware Shovelhead FL FX FSB FXSB FXWG 80-84. disc brake pully spacers. Nut bolt and washer kits. custom applications.
  • rear sprocket hardware

    rear sprocket hardware (1)

    Rear sprocket hardware Shovelhead FL FLST 79-84. Rear sprocket bolt nut and washer set.
  • rear wheel pulleys

    rear wheel pulleys (11)

    Rear wheel belt pulleys Shovelhead FL 1979-1984 FX 1979-1984. OEM No: 40221-85A. chrome and cast pullys. accepts indexing nut and seal spacer.
  • transmission pulleys

    transmission pulleys (4)

    Rear wheel belt transmission pulleys shovelhead FL FX 1979-1984. BDL  39, 30 32 and 33 tooth pulleys.