Primary Belt Drive

Primary Belt Drive Knucklehead panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Belts, Clutches, alternator Covers, complete Kits, front and rear Pulleys, Support brackets.

  • belts

    belts (14)

    Primary drive belts Knucklehead Panhead shovelhead 36-84. replacement belts. 4 and 5 speed. kick or electric. 8MM, 11MM, kevlar, Primo and BDL replacements.
  • clutches

    clutches (1)

    Primary belt drive clutches Panhead shovelhead 36-84. BDL primary belt drive clutch pack replacement . electric start. 8mm.
  • covers

    covers (5)

    Primary belt drive covers knucklehead Panhead shovelhead 36-84. primary belt drive covers. clutch dome, altermator, belt shroud.
  • kits

    kits (23)

    Primary belt drive kits knucklehead panhead Shovelhead 36-84. primary belt drive kits. for electric and kick start. BDL, Primo. 8MM 11MM, enclosed 8MM.
  • pulleys

    pulleys (21)

    Primary belt drive pulleys Knucklehead panhead Shovelhead 36-84. Front and rear pullys. 8MM, 11MM, BDL Primo belt drives.
  • support

    support (6)

    Primary belt drive support panhead Shovelhead 65-84. belt drive bearing support, pully spacers, nerf bar, support bearing.