brake parts for Harley Davidson knucklehead panhead shovelhead front and rear mechanical and hydraulic drum and disc brakes . Backing Plates, Cables,Drums, Levers, Pads, Rods, Shoes, Switches, Caliper, Disc/Rotor, Hoses & Lines, Rear Master Cylinder, Tools, Wheel Cylinders. for knucklehead EL FL 1936-1947  panhead EL FL FLH 1948-1965  shovelhead FL FLH 1966-1984

  • brake shoe

    brake shoe (37)

    brake shoe knucklehead  panhead  shovelhead. quality front and rear brake shoes, Linings and Springs from V-twin.
  • oil and chemical

    oil and chemical (2)

    Oil & Chemicals
  • tool

    tool (13)

    Brake Tools Panhead Shovelhead Knucklehead 36-84. flex hones, reamers, cylinder hones, drum turning arbor ,wheel lug wrench, bleeder covers.
  • wheel cylinder

    wheel cylinder (6)

    Wheel cylinder Panhead FL FLH  Shovelhead FL FLH FX FLT. rear wheel cylinder Assemblies and Rebuild kits, Swivel fittings, Wheel cylinders completely assembled ready for installation.
  • Backing Plate

    Backing Plate (87)

    Quality brake backing Plates, backing plate kits,  brake backing plate cams studs and bushings for Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead.
  • brake cable

    brake cable (41)

    brake cables front brake Cables & Tubes, Mounting clamps and adjustment hardware. knucklehead panhead shovelhead. Zinc, Parkerized, Polished cadmium, and chrome finnishes. replica cables and tubes.
  • brake drum

    brake drum (37)

    brake drums and lug bolts for knucklehead panhead shovelhead Drums & Lugs for front and rear mechanical and hydraulic brakes.
  • brake lever

    brake lever (24)

    Brake lever Knucklehead Panhead 36-57. hardware and bushings. arms and cross shafts for Front and rear mechanical brakes.
  • Brake Pad

    Brake Pad (28)

    Brake pad. Pads, Pins and Shims for shovelhead FX FLH and custom rigid frame application front and rear disc brakes. Dura SBS  OEM calipers Jaybrake GMA Edart Performance machine.
  • Brake Rod

    Brake Rod (22)

    Brake rod and Clevis Knucklehead panhead. brak rods clevis pin kits, pins, hardware. Rear brake wave washer is used for anti rattle. OEM Parkerized chrome.
  • Brake Switch

    Brake Switch (26)

    Brake switch knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead. brake light switches for mechanical and hydraulic brakes. hardware, mounting kits. replica switches.
  • Caliper

    Caliper (112)

    Brake Caliper Shovelhead FX FXR FLT FLH. front and rear brake caliper assemblies, Bolts, mounting Brackets, Kits, Covers, Hardware Kits, Pistons, and seals. custom rigid frame applications. OEM Edart GMA.
  • Disc Rotor

    Disc Rotor (55)

    Disc brake rotor shovelhead FX FLT FXR FLH 72-84. and custom rigid frame applications. Plain, Stainless Steel Drilled and Steel Drilled rotors. Covers, Hardware, Spacers.
  • Hoses and Lines

    Hoses and Lines (153)

    Brake hoses and lines Panhead shovelhead custom application Banjo Bolts,  Clamps,  Fittings,Tee fittings.   Individual lines and line kits, rubber hose, Stainless  lines, steel lines.
  • Rear Master Cylinder

    Rear Master Cylinder (59)

    Rear master cylinder Panhead and Shovelhead 58-84. and custom applications.  Master Cylinders, Boots, Covers, Hardware, , Rebuild Kits, Tops.