The model line up remains unchanged for 1961. new features include a new gas tank emblem.
A single fire ignition system is introduced using a Manual advance dual point timer. Also a redesigned pushrod assembly.

1961 sales ad
1961 sales ad
 Here are some great sources for detailed information about Harley Davidson’s 1961 Panhead

How to restore your Harley-Davidson by Bruce Palmer 111

Riding vintage website

the Jocky Journal web forum The panhead and flathead site

The Harley Davidson Panhead service manual 59-69

1961 models

modelengine typeactual displacementcompressionoptions
FL sport solo74 c.i.high compression73.66 c.i.7.25:1
FLF sport solo footshift74 c.i.high compression73.66 c.i.7.25:1F=foot shift
FLH super sport solo74 c.i.high compression73.66 c.i.8.0:1
FLHF super sport solo foot shift74 c.i.high compression73.66 c.i.8.0:1F=foot shift

NOTE: the ” F denoting foot shift will not be stamped in serial number.

1961 models available colors

blackWarner speedo with italic “Day-Glo” green numbers and hash marks with gold painted center
pepper red
*hi-fi red
*hi-fi green
*hi-fi blue
birch white
police silver

standard paint is two tone with standard color tank top and birch white side panels.

*extra cost hi-fi red, hi-fi green,hi-fi blue

* standard solid color could be ordered at no extra charge.


1948 panhead black paint color

pepper red

hi-fi red

hi-fi green

hi-fi blue

birch white

police silver

1948 panhead police silver paint color